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CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill Powder Grinding Equipment2021-03-09

Comparison with the traditional vertical roller mill, CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill has great superiority:

(1) of ultra fine product unique production scale, vertical roller mill production capacity percussion, dry sand mill and ring roller mill are small, relatively speaking, vertical roller mill in the same circumstances, can achieve a higher return.
(2) vertical roller mill in GCC superfine ultra-fine processing, the biggest feature is to be able to reduce energy consumption, production of large-scale TSP products.
(3) a new ultra fine vertical roller mill may be a single production below 1500 mesh powder, especially 400-1000 Product gross energy saving effect whiting more obvious.

Ordinary production grinding mill products TSP are below 600 mesh to 1250 mesh, can not meet the large-scale production of the application of ultrafine powder market. CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill rollers combined with years of various factories R &D and manufacturing experience, the grinding machine can be directly produce 650 to powder, adding two classification system can produce 1,500 ground calcium carbonate ultrafine goal. vertical roller mill is mainly used in the pulverization, a fineness of 400-1500 mesh, capacity of a single machine of the production machine according to the production demand reach 8-18t / h.

The successful application of CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill system in the field of production of ultra-thin coarse whiting, demonstrates the value of high-quality application and high performance in the areas of ultra fine grinding production. Therefore, the vertical roller mill is expected to become the main choice of non-metallic industrial minerals processing, the prospect is very broad.

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