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CLUM Vertical Roller Mill

Clirik CLUM vertical roller mill is based on high technology process, vertical roller mill can process stone powder in the range between 300-1500 mesh.

Introduction of Vertical Roller Mill


Based on nearly 20 years grinding mill research and operation experience, CLUM Vertical Roller Mill has been developed as the equipment for ultrafine powder grinding and separation. Its production introduces talents in ultrafine powder production and machine manufacturing industry, and absorbs the technologies and experience of ultrafine vertical mills from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, etc.


CLUM Vertical Roller Mill is the specialized ultrafine grinding equipment for non-metallic ores. It suits for grinding non-flammable, non-explosive brittle materials with Moh’s hardness below 6 such as limestone, calcite, marble, talc, barite, brucite, wollastonite, pyrophyllite, dolomite, kaolin, lime, saponite, etc.


The mill takes Automatic Central Control System, widely used in paper-making, plastic, rubber, artificial stone, painting and coating industries. It is the specialized equipment for producing filler of large-scale paper-making plants and calcium carbonate for coating, and processing other large-scale ultrafine powder.


vertical roller mill


Technological Process of Vertical Roller Mill


1. Each Parts of Vertical Roller Mill


A. Main Machine

B. Motor

C. Gear Motor

D. Grinding Roller

E. Pressure Device of Hydraulic Cylinder

F. Powder Concentrator

G. Hydraulic Station & Lubrication Station

vertical roller mill


2. Production Process


A. Crushing system: raw material silo; feeder; jaw crusher; belt conveyor; de-ironing separator; hammer crusher; elevator; dust collector; surge bin.

B. Grinding system:quantitative belt scale;elevator; spiral conveyor; de-ironing separator; ultrafine vertical mill; pulse dust collector; fan; air door.

C. Conveying system: elevator or pneumatic conveyor.

D. Auxiliary system: agent adding system; compressed air system; water cooling system.



Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill


Motor makes grinding revolve under action of reduction gear. Materials, after being measured by belt scale, are sent to center of grinding disc by feeding screw. Because of centrifugal force, the materials would move towards the fringe of disc and then enter the grinding zone between grinding roller and disc to be ground. The materials which have been ground would keep moving toward fringe of grinding disc until they spill out of the disc. Through air inducing ring on the fringe of grinding disc, airflow sends these spilling materials to powder concentrator for classifying powders. The coarse powders which don’t meet the requirement of fineness would fall to the disc for another grinding while these qualified powders, as finished products, would be collected into dust collector and finally sent to finished product silo by conveying system for storage and packaging.



Compareing Between VerticalRoller Mill and Ball Mill


Project Vertical Roller Mill Ball Mill
Energy Consumption 30% - 50% lower than that of ball mill. High.
Occupied Area 50-70% of that of ball mill Large.
Feeding Size Depending on size of grinding roller Limited by maximum steel ball; Feeding size is relatively
  Depending on size of grinding roller. Permissible for relatively large raw materials. small.
Product Fineness Adjustable grinding pressure; A large amount of fine powder can be produced. Depending on materials ground. Usually, fine powder proportion is relatively low.
Time for Product Replacement Available to replace one kind of materials for grinding another kind of materials in one mill in short time. Long time needed to clear previous materials.
Product Whiteness High whiteness Grinding medium pollution
Initial Investment Costs Slightly higher than ball mill more than ball mill Compared with ultrafine vertical mill, it has a slight advantage.
Operation Cost Very low. Quick-wear parts have low power consumption. High. High power consumption is incurred by quick-wear parts.
Noise Lower than ball mill in plants. High
Shape of Products Degree of sphericity is good. Degree of sphericity is relatively better.
Sensitivity toward Foreign Materials Sensitive to metal. Insusceptible to foreign matters.



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