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Good Ways for Raymond Mill Maintaining2021-03-02

Raymond mill, a very common use powder making machine that can be used in more than 300 kinds of  mineral powder maing, as a Raymond mill operator, knowing how to maintain the Raymond mill after a long running is very important. Today, Clirik had summarized some tips for you, hope this page can help you a little.

When the new Raymond mill puts into production, examine the conditions of every connecting bolt of every part frequently especially the conditions of bolts of main frame and compression nuts of grinding roller equipment on the main frame.

Replace the vulnerable parts like grinding roller, grinding ring and relieving tool timely. When replacing the grinding roller, the grinding roller installed symmetrically on the grinding roller equipment of star-rack should be replaced by two equal or similar rollers by weight at the same time to guarantee the smoothness of machine operation. When disassembling the gland on the roller equipment of star-rack, signs should be made in advance and transposition is prohibited in the process of assembling.

Once the Raymond mill has worked for 350 hours, the grinding roller equipment of the main frame should be disassembled and cleaned. Clear away the dirty oil and dust inside it. Replace the seal components if they go wrong and if it is dirty inside or has been over two or three cleaning periods, the bearing should be disassembled and cleaned. The following items should be noticed when assembling and disassembling the roller equipment.

The cleaning place should be clean and has no dust-raising.

Nut No. 4 and No.20 and slotted nut 30 are contra-tooth nuts, attention should be paid to rotation direction.

Copper bar should be pillowed when knocking parts.

No.3 Molybdic sulfide grease should be used to lubricate the two bearings and it is suitable for the grease to occupy half of the clearance of the bearing.

baize circle should be dipped with enough oil.

The oil on the composition surface between part 15 and part 22 should be wiped up.

The socket head bolt should be tightened and the tightening torque about 25Kg•m and all the bolts and nuts of that Raymond mill should be tightened the prevent every bolt from loosening by shake (when tightening nut 2 and 3, a clearance of 0.1-0.15mm should be made on the axial side (of the bearing) and the locking equipment should be reliable.

Press No.14 seal components with No.15 slotted nut, which should be adjusted neither too tight nor too loose so that roller shaft can rotate flexibly.

The roller rotation should be flexible after assembly.

Examine and repair the Raymond mill after working 2500 hours and unpick and wash every gear case, worm gear cabinet, bearing pedestal and every rotation mechanism. Repair or replace the worn-out to guarantee the normal operation of the Raymond mill.

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