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How to Maintain Calcium Carbonate Raymond Mill2021-03-16

Calcium carbonate processing equipment has been focusing on ore grinding for many years, and it goes without saying that it has a grinding effect. However, for calcium carbonate Raymond mill, due to the harsh environment in the grinding cavity (high dust concentration), the grinding roller assembly is also easy to run into dust in the sealed state, which intensifies wear and breaks faster, sometimes even worse. It will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment. The grinding roller assembly bearings of calcium carbonate processing equipment are so easy to break, which also restricts its sales to a certain extent. So modern science and technology are so advanced, can the wear of the roller assembly of the calcium carbonate Raymond mill be improved?

calcium carbonate Raymond mill

Before trying to improve the wear of the calcium carbonate Raymond mill, it is necessary for us to understand the reasons for the rapid wear of the roller assembly of the calcium carbonate Raymond mill. The following are some common reasons we have summarized based on many years of customer return visits. The analysis for everyone is as follows:

1. The oil seal is damaged

If the oil seal of the calcium carbonate processing equipment is damaged, the bearing will be lack of oil and dust. These conditions are the main causes of bearing lubrication failure and increased wear. Therefore, the inspection of the oil seal is very important. Generally, during production, oil seals are inspected regularly and cleaned up regularly to avoid damage caused by accumulation of pollutants.

2. The gland and sealing cover screws at the upper end of the grinding roller assembly are loose

During the long-term operation of the calcium carbonate processing equipment, the screws of the gland are easily loosened due to long-term vibration, which causes the fine powder in the Raymond mill cavity to enter the assembly. If the accumulation of fine powder occurs and the bearing is blocked, it will When the bearing locks up, the grinding roller stops rotating at this time, which will cause the equipment to operate abnormally and the bearing heat generation. For this situation, in the production of calcium carbonate processing equipment, it is necessary to control the grinding roller Make the above fixing screws for regular tightening and maintenance.

3. Fatigue damage

For bearings, the more common damage method is fatigue damage, and the reasons for fatigue damage are: long-term overload operation of the bearing, failure to repair in time, improper maintenance, equipment aging, etc. For these phenomena, in calcium carbonate processing In the long-term production process of the equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance and replacement of bearings.

4. Refueling is not timely

Adding oil in the grinding roller assembly is to make the asbestos packing inside expand and lock the bearing, so that the seal is more tight, dust will not easily enter and mess, and the bearing will not be damaged. This is the reason why many customers have checked over and over again, but found no damage to the parts, but the bearings have indeed worn out too quickly. When the oil is short, it should be added quantitatively according to the instructions, too much or too little oil is not good.










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