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Several Grinding Machines for Talc Powder Processing2020-12-24

Talc is a mineral with a layered structure, generally in the form of blocks, blades and fibers, and has many uses. It can be used for wear-resistant materials, lubricants, cosmetic materials, rubber fillers, etc., in order to be able to perform better For the purpose of talc, the Red Star machine grinds talc. The processed talc can be used in all walks of life, and sometimes it can also be used as a medicinal material. So the grinding of talc needs to use a pulverizer. There are many types of powder machines, and the prices of their equipment are also different. Below we will introduce in detail the price of talc grinding machines.

Several commonly used talc grinding machinery equipment
Commonly used talc milling machinery and equipment include Raymond mills, superfine mills, high-pressure mills and high-strength mills.

1. Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a commonly used talc grinding equipment, which has a very obvious effect on the grinding operation of talc, and has the following advantages.

a. The structure design of the Raymond pulverizer is relatively simple. The vertical structure reduces the area of the equipment and reduces the capital construction funds.

b. Compared with other equipment, this equipment has a very high screening efficiency, and the resulting talc product has a very uniform particle size and fineness, which fully meets the customer's requirements for the particle size of talc.

c. The important parts of the equipment wear slowly and are made of special materials. The overall operation is stable, the output is high, and the production efficiency is high.

2. Superfine pulverizer

The particle size range of talc produced by the ultra-fine mill can be adjusted between 325-1800 mesh, and the utilization rate of the wear material of this equipment is much higher than that of the Raymond mill, which has many performance advantages. Please see below for details. Resolve.

a. The grinding ring and roller of the ultrafine mill have strong wear resistance, which prolongs the service life of the equipment, and the output is much higher than other grinding equipment.

b. In the process of grinding talc, the equipment runs very smoothly and the output is still very high, which improves the economic benefits of the enterprise to a certain extent.

c. The talc after being ground by the superfine mill is much finer than other grinding equipment, and the particle size of the finished product is very uniform.

3. High pressure mill

The high-pressure mill is also suitable for talc grinding operations, and the resulting talc output is very high, with the following performance advantages.

a. The design of this high-pressure mill is relatively special, with a small footprint. Compared with other milling equipment, the output of talc for milling is increased by about 10-30%, which is very high.

b. The equipment is very adaptable to materials, it can grind various materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3, and the fineness of the materials obtained is very fine.

c. The equipment not only has good dustproof measures, but also has a good sealing effect. The grinding roller device is made of special materials, which reduces the maintenance cost.

4. High-strength mill

High-strength mill can also be called high-strength mill. It is an effective and low-energy milling equipment. The particle size of the resulting talc can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80-425 mesh. Please see below for the performance advantages of this mill.

a. The structure and appearance design of the high-strength pulverizer is very beautiful, and the overall three-dimensional structure is adopted, which reduces a part of the area and reduces the production cost of the equipment.

b. At the site of the equipment's grinding of talc, there is almost no phenomenon of dust flying in the sky, indicating that the equipment is very environmentally friendly.

c. Smooth operation, small investment, fast return, high production efficiency, high output, effectively increasing the output of talc.




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