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45 mm Raw Mineral to 300 Mesh Mining Machine2020-12-17

Can 45mm raw mineral be crushed to 300 mesh with a grinding mill? Needless to say, it is obviously impossible, because a single pulverizing production line cannot be completed by a grinding mill. So what kinds of mining machines are there to choose from?

First of all, let’s analyze the raw materials. The material with moderate hardness. Both hammer crushing and jaw crushing can be used for crushing. The raw material has a particle size of 45mm, which directly enters the grinding mill. The block is larger, but it is facing the smallest crusher. Models can also be crushed directly into the machine, so you can choose crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and counterattack crusher.Clirik believes that because the raw material is stone with low hardness, the hammer crushing effect is better. The hammer crusher is better than the jaw crusher. No., it is easier to grind when entering the grinding chamber of grinding mill machine.

Secondly, after the primary crushing equipment is selected, the grinding mill can be selected according to the requirements of output and fineness. The fineness of lime powder requires 300 mesh, so most milling equipment can be selected (except ball mills and superfine mills). For example, Raymond mill, high-pressure rotary grinding mill, European version mill, trapezoidal mill, vertical mill, etc., the two models with good market sales are Raymond mill and rotary roller mill. The price is moderate and the performance of the mill is stable and reliable. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises. The other mills have higher output and advanced technical performance, but the price is slightly more expensive.

Finally, after the crushing and grinding mill is selected, the crushing and grinding work of 45mm to 300 mesh cannot be completed. It needs to be equipped with corresponding supporting devices. The required supporting facilities include bucket elevators, silos, electromagnetic vibrating feeders, fans, Motors, analyzers, cyclone powder collectors, conveying pipelines and other major supporting equipment. These machines can be connected in the correct position. The important thing is that there should be a completely sealed mechanism from the main machine of the grinding mill to the powder collector. Can be an open connection.

For the selection of milling production line equipment, most manufacturers will give a variety of solutions. Therefore, customers are also required to have a comprehensive understanding of their actual needs and economic conditions. For example, a 15-ton milling process line can be purchased at a price of 700,000, 600,000. Even 500,000 can also be configured, depending on the quality and type of milling equipment purchased.

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