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Ultrafine Mill with New Powder Processing Technology2016-10-20

Powder processing technology is a technological process which is based on the theory of ultrafine grinding, uses Ultrafine Mill as main equipment.

Countries who have rich mineral resources are generally developing countries, and the consumption of developed countries is quite high. There are more than 100 kinds of non-metallic minerals with economic value found in China, who is one of the few countries in the world with complete varieties and rich reserves.

1.Powder processing technology of Ultrafine Mill:

The first is initial processing:
It includes crushing, grinding, grading and sorting or enrichment of useful minerals.
It provides raw material for industry with granular or grade-qualified raw minerals

Ultrafine Mill

2.Deep processing of Ultrafine Mill

Raw materials minerals, which are mined and rough processed, will be deeply processed according to the requirements of users and products.
Products deeply processed differ from that of initial processing, The inherent natural properties of minerals have undergone a qualitative change. It is also the main purpose of deep processing.

3.Main Technology of Ultrafine Mill

Preparation technology; Classification technique; Separation technology; Dry-impatience technology; Transportation, mixing and homogenization; Surface modification, sub-composite; particle size and performance testing; manufacturing and storage process of safety, packaging and transportation, application technology.
Because of the difference sizes, properties and related technologies of powder material are very different. So it can be devided into: micron technology; submicron technology; nanotechnology.

4.The subject areas involved by Ultrafine Mill with New Powder Processing Technology

Chemistry; Materials; Medicine; Bioengineering; Food; Military Industry; Aerospace; Electronics; Mechanical; Mechanics; Optics; Electromagnetics; Mechanochemistry; Liquid mechanics; Aerodynamics.

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