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How to Make Raymond Mill "Cool Down"2019-11-19

Raymond mill, it's one of the most traditional stone powder making machines which can be used in more than 300 kinds of minerals 50-450 mesh powder grinding, such as: calcite, limestone, kaolin, carbon black, calcium carbonate, dolomite, flourite and so on. As the most common mining industry use machine, Raymond mill has a very wide range of uses. After a long time to use, the Raymond mill will appear some problems, such as the temperature rise in the production process. Production at high temperature is very detrimental to Raymond mill processing, because too high temperature will not only have a certain impact on the production efficiency of the equipment, but also cause some damage to the equipment and thus affecting its service life. There are many reasons for the temperature rise, such as improper operation. Next, let the professional Raymond mill manufacturer analyze the cause of temperature rise of Raymond mill accessories.

Raymond mill

If the Raymond mill temperature is higher than the common, it will have a significant impact on the efficiency of the entire device. If not handled properly, it will lead to seal lax of the bearing, thus resulting in more oily appearance; this will not only increase the friction resistance of bearings, but also cause the temperature of Raymond mill bearing increased. Therefore, it should be properly operated when adding lubricant to the bearings. The other is fan heat, when the fan temperature is too high, Raymond mill cannot be operated normally. So it should be careful not to arbitrarily change equipment in the work, so as to avoid unnecessary damage.

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