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Clirik YGM&MTM Raymond Mill for Sale2019-11-05

Clirik Raymond mill is one of old brand grinding mill machines on market, the Raymond mill in Clirik has 5 models, YGM7815, YGM8314, YGM4124, YGM9517 and MTM1600. Clirik Raymond mill can be used in more than 300 kinds of minerals 50-450 mesh powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, dolomite, limestone, kaolin, talc, calcite, marble, gypsum, fluorite, barite, feldspar, mica and so on. And Clirik Raymond mill also be used in many areas, mining industry, chemical industry such as grinding glass, rubber, pesticides, enamel, paint, phosphate fertilizer, paper.


Raymond mill Raymond mill Raymond mill
Carbon Black Raymond Mill Calcium Carbonate Raymond Mill Gypsum Raymond Mill


Advantages of Raymond Mill

1. Convenient transportation and installation

Raymond mill, its ingenious structural design, which makes it occupy smaller space, and makes it more convenient in transportation, installation, operation, and maintenance.

2. High Efficiency and Zero Pollution

The Raymond mill that is produced by our company uses PLC electric automation control to reduce the failure rate and labor cost of the equipment effectively. Meanwhile, it can help to achieve high and efficient production, and achieve a good production environment with zero noise and zero pollution.

3. Fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily

The fineness of the grinding powder of Raymond mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 50-450. The applicability is more flexible and extensive. We can see that the GUIKUANG Raymond mill is the best choice for non-metallic ore grinding powder.

4. Long Period Replacement of the Parts

The grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill have a longer replacement period, which eliminates the disadvantages of the short replacement period of the fragile parts of the centrifugal grinder

Structure of Raymond Mill

The structure of Raymond mill is mainly composed of the main engine, analyzer, fan, cyclone separator, cyclone separator and air duct. The main engine is composed of frame, intake volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and cover.

The grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. Therefore, when the grinding roller and grinding ring wear to a certain thickness, the output, and fineness of the finished product will not be affected. The replacement cycle of grinding roller and grinding ring is long so that the disadvantage of short replacement period of wearing parts of centrifugal grinder can be eliminated. The air flow of the machine is circulating in the fan - mill - whirlwind separator - the fan, so it has less dust than the high-speed centrifugal mill has, the operation workshop is cleaner and the environment is less polluted.

Operation principle of Raymond Mill

When Raymond mill works, the material needs to be added to the feeder from the side of the hood. Raymond machine revolves around the vertical axis by means of the grinding roller device which is hung on the main plum frame. At the same time, it revolves on its own axis. Due to the centrifugal force when rotating, the grinding roller is swinging outwards and tightly pressed to the grinding ring. This enables the scraper to shovel the material to the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Therefore, it can achieve the purpose of crushing material due to the rolling of the roller.



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