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Raymond Mills' Vulnerable Parts2019-03-06

Raymond mill are produced by extruding and grinding materials. In the production process, those parts that are in direct contact with the material will wear out relatively faster, and those that assist in grinding will lose more slowly. But they are collectively referred to as wearing parts.
Raymond mill mainly shovels the material through the blade, and then carries out the extrusion grinding by the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding roller is controlled by the hanging bearing chamber, so these are directly in contact with the material and are worn. Faster replacement of more frequent accessories, followed by the main sort of blade, blade holder, grinding roller, roller core, hanging, shaft, pin sleeve.
The second is the grinding ring. The grinding roller is produced by extrusion grinding with the grinding ring, so the grinding ring is slightly slower than the previous parts.
The grinding ring is fixed by the air duct, so the air duct is a wearing part with slow wear.
However, it does not mean that the wearing parts can be worn at will. The life of the parts is based on the material of the parts, and the life of the parts is determined according to the maintenance of the later customers. Every day, the crane should be refueled and maintained regularly. The oil sling can be serviced once every time according to its own use to extend the service life of the inner bearing. If the grinding roller wears to a certain extent, it must be replaced, otherwise it will hurt the inner roller core and reduce the service life of the rolling core. The other is the grinding ring. After the grinding ring wears to a certain extent, it must be replaced. Don't think that it will be fine for a little more work. If the grinding ring is touched, it will be tired of the inner air duct. The air duct can be called the whole machine. The old mother, the replacement is not only laborious price is also several times the grinding ring, it will not be worth the loss.

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