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How to Deal with the Raymond Mill Fuel Consumption Problem?2019-01-10

How to deal with the fuel consumption problem of Raymond mill? With the continuous upgrading of mining use equipment, Clirik Raymond mill have reached the domestic and abroad advanced level and are highly praised by users in various industries. However, some customers ask such a question before they set order about our Raymond mill, how to reduce the fuel consumption of the Raymond mill. In fact, it is important to reduce the fuel consumption of Raymond Mill. We all know that if a machine wants to run an engine, the key is the source of power. To reduce fuel consumption, start with the engine:

Raymond Mill

1.The air filter is directly related to the intake air of the engine during the use of the Raymond mill. The air filter is not blocked during the working process of the Raymond machine, but we all know that the environment in which the Raymond mill works has always been It is very bad, and you will need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the air filter during the Raymond mill.

2.Because the combustion chamber is prone to coke formation, and carbon deposits will cause difficulty in starting; the fuel nozzle deposits will also lead to oil passage blockage, gasoline injection deformation, and poor atomization fuel consumption will naturally increase.

3.There are many reasons for the sludge at the throttle. Some of the fuel-burning exhaust gas forms carbon deposits at the throttle; and then impurities that are not filtered by the air filter are formed at the throttle. If the sludge is more than the intake air, it will generate a gas barrier and cause an increase in fuel consumption.

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