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Happy New Year in 2018!2017-12-28

Another year has passed and 2018 is coming. Many foreign friends do not know much about China's New Year, but are very interested. Here I will give them a detailed account of our Chinese New Year:

Our country's most solemn festival - the Spring Festival is coming. Spring Festival is coming, which means that spring is coming and Vientiane will resume its vegetation renewal. A new round of planting and harvest season begins again. People have just spent the long winter with withered snow and ice, long ago looking forward to the spring, lively days. When the Spring Festival arrives, people will naturally be full of joy and singing and dancing to greet the festival. Spring Festival and the Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, known as the Chinese Han four traditional festivals.


Happy New Year in 2018

As for the origin of the "Spring Festival," there is a legend that in ancient China there was a beast named "Year". "Year", has a long antennae in the head, very fierce. The Year lays deep in the sea for many years and climbs the shores every single day, now the New Year's Eve, to devour livestock and kill lives. Therefore, every day on New Year's Eve, the people in the villagesflee to the mountains to help avoid the "Year" injury. One New Year's Eve, there is a begging old man come here from outside the village. The village people are very panic, no one cares about him, only an old woman gave him some food, and advised him to quickly go uphill to escape the "year", the old man beard lifted up and laughed: "If you let me stay at home for a night, I Must let "year" leave away. Granny continue to persuade, the wan laughed without words. Midnight, "Year" broke into the village. It found that the atmosphere in the village was different from that in previous years: An old woman's door was affixed with a red paper, the house candlelight is very bright. "Year" shaked its whole body a bit, called out. 

When the file approached the door, a "crackling" sobbing noise was suddenly heard in the yard. "Year" was shuddering and could not dare to move forward. It turned out that "year" are most afraid of red, fire and fried. At this moment, old woman came out, and saw an old man wearing a red robe in the yard laughing. "Year" horrified, fled to escape. The very next day was the first day of the first month. People who came back to refuge found the village safe and sound, very surprised. At this time, the old lady suddenly realized, quickly told the villagers begged man's promise. The incident quickly spread around the village, people are aware of the way of driving the "year" approach. Since then New Year's Eve, every family paste red couplets, firecrackers; Candlelight, vigil. In the early morning of January 1, hello to his relatives and friends. This custom is widely circulated and has become the most solemn traditional festival in China.

Happy New Year in 2018

Han Chinese Spring Festival customs are generally dominated by eating Chinese cakes, dumplings, grubs, dumplings, poached eggs, big meatballs, whole fish, wine, orange, apples, peanuts, melons, candies, And accompanied by cleaning, washing bedding, prepared goods, paste couplets, paste the New Year pictures(God), dumplings, paper-cut stickers, window stickers, affixed blessing words, lit candles, fireworks, keep the old age, , Take relatives, send New Year's ceremony, the grave of the ancestral graves, shopping flower market, downtown fireworks, jumping Zhong Kui and many other activities, fullof happiness. Chinese people have the habit of hanging Chinese knots on the Spring Festival. Before the New Year's Eve, Tianjin went to Qiaoxiang Pavilion on Ancient Culture Street for the custom of Chinese knot, taking fortune's meaning. Wenzhou people go to their own faith in order to pray prayers, hoping to be happy with their families in the new year. For thousands of years, the way people celebrate the customs has become extremely rich and colorful. Starting from the 23rd lunar month to the New Year's Eve every year, the people call this "Spring Day," or "Sweeping Day ". It is a traditional custom of our people to swear dust before Spring Festival. The warm atmosphere of the festival not only filled every household, but also filled the streets. In some local markets, there are the customs of dancing. dance lion, play dragon, play fire, flower market, visiting the Temple Fair and other customs. During this period lanterns filled the city, tourists crowded streets, unprecedented, straight to the first lunar month after the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival was considered a real end.

Wish you have a happy new year ahead of schedule!

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