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Selection of Liner and Grinding Ball in Ball Mill2016-12-08

Ball mill is the main crushing and grinding equipment in domestic and foreign thermal power plants, cement, mining, chemical, metallurgy and other industries, the liner and the ball is the most important part in the normal operation of the ball mill. With the development of modern production, the diameter of Ball Mill is increasing. Ball Mill with diameter of five meters has been widely used in production, so requirements to the liner and grinding ball is more and more strict. As the liner and grinding ball is in the state of a harsh long-term work, the amount of maintenance and replacement are quite large, which is not only a waste of manpower, material and financial resources, and has a direct impact on production efficiency, and modern enterprise civilization. Therefore, it is an important way to improve the production, reduce consumption, strive for a good economic and civilized environment by studying the lining material, grinding ball and creating the best working condition of the ball mill.

Ball mill


The right choice of ball mill liner and grinding ball is the most important means of technology to increase production and reduce costs. Shortcomings of high manganese steel liner board is: It is prone to creep and extend, the surface phase transition can cause anti-bow deformation, so high manganese steel liner is not suitable as ball mill liners. High-alloy liner is preferred for cement mill liners, medium and high carbon alloy steels and Cr15 and Cr18 type cast iron for power plant pulverizers, and medium high carbon alloy steel is preferred in the mining wet grinding. In cement, power plant dry grinding process High-chromium cast iron grinding ball has a huge economic advantage.


Hardness of lining should be greater than HRc50, and chrome molybdenum alloy casting ball  should be greater than HRc52, forged alloy steel ball hardness should be greater than HRc55. And you should choose as far as possible grinding ball with the best anti-wear performance.


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