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Basic Configuration of 4R Raymond Mill2019-03-13

In the Raymond mill powder production line, the Raymond pulverizer motor is mainly composed of a main machine, an analysis machine, a hoist, a blower, a crusher, and an electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Among these components, the power matching of the motor is directly related to whether the device can operate normally.

Crusher motor. In the Raymond mill powder production line, if the particle size of the ground material is too large and needs to be crushed, the jaw crusher is a relatively common equipment. In general, the motor configuration power of the crusher is small.

Lift the machine motor. The hoist is the main conveying device between the silo and the crusher, and its power is usually around 3KW. Moreover, in the stone powder production line, the hoist can be optional, so the hoist motor is not a necessary equipment for the 4R Raymond mill.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder motor. In order to better guarantee the uniform and uniform feeding of the Raymond mill, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is generally configured because it directly affects the operation of the equipment, the quality and output of the finished product. Under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic vibration feeder power is about 150KW.

Host motor. The main motor of 4R Raymond mill is the main power to realize the grinding and grinding of the grinding roller. In general, its motor power is 90KW, which is an essential equipment in the grinding production line.

Blower motor. The blower is connected to the volute of the main machine, from which a large amount of wind is blown and then enters the grinding chamber. Since the blower is the main source of air volume in the entire grinding production operation, it has the characteristics of large energy loss and high motor power in the entire production line. The general 4R Raymond mill blower motor power is about 110KW.

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