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Start-up Sequence of Raymond Mill2020-03-24

How to start a Raymond Mill?

Start the bucket elevator;

Start pulse dust collector;

Start jaw crusher;

After the material is stored in the silo, start the analysis machine;

Start the air blower (starting with empty match and loading after normal operation);

Start the host, and then immediately start the electromagnetic feeder at the moment of starting the host. The grinding work is now started.

The simple table of the operation sequence of Raymond mill is as follows: ‘Start’, hoist-crusher-analyzer-fan-host-feeder.

When Raymond mill stops:

1. Close the feeder first and stop feeding;

2. Stop the host after about one minute;

3. Stop the blower after blowing the remaining powder;

4. Finally close the analyzer.

The shutdown sequence is: feeder-host-blower-analyzer.


Before starting the Raymond mill, check whether all inspection doors are closed tightly, whether there are iron blocks, sundries, and adjust the direction of the fan and the host of the Raymond mill to see if they reverse. The air valve should be in the fully open position. Check whether the screws and nuts are loose. The belt of the host must not be too tight or too loose.


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