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Raymond Mill Makes the Waste Coal Gangue Renewal Value2019-07-23

coal gangueCoal gangue is the waste stone when we mining and processing coal, compare with coal, the coal gangue usually more harder to crushing or grinding, and there is a really less carbon content; so the coal gangue usually be abandoned, when it’s separated coal. But do you know, through a good use, the coal gangue also can give play to many different industries. Raymond mill is one of common use coal gangue powder grinding machines, the powder fineness made by Raymond mill can be adjusted between 50-450 mesh, besides the coal gangue, the Raymond mill also can process, such as: carbon black, calcium carbonate, dolomite, limestone, gypsum, talc, fluorite and other minerals.


After be grind into coal gangue powder, the coal gangue powder has a very widely use as following:


1.Mineral Recovery: although the coal gangue has a less coal content, it has coal powder float on the coal gangue, and generally speaking, the coal gangue is full of pyrite, so the first use of coal gangue is use separating method to purify other minerals.


2.Electric Power Generation: after fluidized bed combustion boiler washing, the coal gangue can be mixed with medium coal up, through firing to process electric power, both coal gangue and medium coal are not very high efficiency resource, use this method, can turn waste into treasures.


3.Construction Industry: can be used as raw materials replace clay to process brick, and because the coal gangue can burn, use this method to burn bricks, also can reduce the waste of coal resources.


In addition, coal gangue also can be used toproduce low calorific value gas, make ceramics, make soil amendments, or be used for paving, underground filling, ground filling. Grass can also be planted and afforested on the spontaneous combustion waste hill to beautify the environment.


To process coal gangue powder, Raymond mill is a good helper, Shanghai Clirik YGM Raymond mill use new technology can be used in high quality coal gangue powder making. Beside Raymond mill we also can supply the ultra fine powder grinding mill, vertical roller mill, ball mill, hammer mill and other mining use machines for our customers, if you are interested in these machines, or you are interested in other minerals use, you can leave your message on our website, and we will arrange our customer manager contact you as soon as possible.

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