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Raymond Mill Grinding Roller Material2019-05-22

Grinding roller is one of the core components of Raymond mill, and it is also a wearing part, which plays a vital role in the grinding process of Raymond mill grinding. Grinding rolls are the main abrasive parts of Raymond mills. To maintain an efficient grinding level, Raymond mills require wear-resistant properties. Therefore, it is very important to use what materials to make Raymond grinding rolls.
The material of Raymond mill grinding roller is mainly divided into: ordinary alloy steel, high-quality alloy carbon steel, ZG65Mn manganese alloy steel, ZGMn13 high manganese alloy steel and so on. Among them, ordinary alloy steel and high-quality alloy carbon steel are common materials, and the wear resistance is general. The processing of softer materials can choose such grinding rolls. ZG65Mn manganese alloy steel and ZG65Mn manganese alloy steel have superior wear resistance, especially ZGMn13 high manganese. Alloy steel has excellent wear resistance. This material is mainly used in mine hammers, linings, cutter heads, etc. It has the property of work hardening and is the best choice for processing superhard materials, but because its cost is too high, The market share is not too high, most of them use ZG65Mn manganese alloy steel, the price is moderate, and the hardness is moderate.

Raymond mill grinding roller


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