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Difference Between 3R and 4R Raymond Roller Mill2019-05-08

 "R" in the Raymond Roller Mill

"R" in the Raymond roller mill machines refers to the grinding roller, there are many several  grinding rollers in a Raymond roller mill, such as: "3R, 4R, 5R, 6R and 7R". So if the more rollers number Raymond roller mill is better than less rollers mill? Let's talk about difference between 3R and 4R Raymond roller mill.

Difference Between 3R and 4R of Raymond Roller Mill

3R and 4R Raymond Roller Mill are two series that are more common,the two types of equipment are more widely used.Is it 3R or 4R, which is better?For the same type of equipment, the output of 3R is higher than that of 4RR, but in the face of high hardness and humanity, 4R is better than 3R, and it is easier to grinding these materials. In addition, 4R Raymond has an advantage. When replacing a broken roller, 4R Raymond can remove two symmetrically and use two rollers for normal production.This is a characteristic that 3R does not have. The price of 4R Raymond Roller Mill is more expensive than 3R. 

If the More Grinding Rollers is Better than Less One in Raymond Roller Mill

The answer is absolutely, what kind of Raymond roller mill is more suitable for your process materials, and your capacity, that kind of Raymond roller mill will more suitable for your business. So don't hesitate about buying how much grinding rollers Raymond roller mill for your business, but you really should buy some grinding rollers as a replace, because the grinding parts in a Raymond roller mill must need to replace after using a long term.

How to Choose Raymond Roller Mill for Yourself

Shanghai Clirik Machinery a professional Raymond roller mill manufacturers, if you still don't know how to choose Raymond roller mill for your industry, you are welcome to leave your demand (inclding: the process minerals, finish powder fineness, powder capacity and some other details) on our website, we will arrange customer manager contact you back with more warm details.

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