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Raymond Mills Hot Days Maintain Methods2018-08-08

Yesterday is the beginning of autumn in Chinese the 24 solar terms. Do you really think the weather will cool down? No! The hot weather will at least continue a month even longer. The after heat of summer will influence our daily life and our Raymond mill working efficiency. The after heat of summer also be called “autumn tiger” in China, this is because in several days belong to the autumn even more hotter than summer. So what should you do, so that you can take good care of your Raymond mill machine in a such hot weather?

Generally speaking, the Raymond mill for stone powder grinding usually be used in mining industry, and it will take a larger area cover, so the stone powder making factory always choose a outside surrounding to build a stone powder making factory. But compare with the indoors processing, the outdoors working environment of Raymond mill is more difficult to controlling. The most easy and common way to reduce the temperature of Raymond mill in outdoors is put up a shack for it.

But it’s also hard to make the grinding mill’s temperature cool down. So you can change your Raymond mill’s work time. Make the grinding mill work earlier in the morning, and later at night, and give the Raymond mill more time to rest at high noon temperature.

When the Raymond mill at working, you also can take these methods to reduce the Raymond mill temperature to make it cool down.

1.Sprinkling around Raymond mill to reduce ambient temperature;
2.When stop the Raymond mill and maintain, add lubricating oil to parts at the time;
3.Remove dirt and and oil stain on grinding mill to ensure cleanliness of the grinding mill body.

If you have other better methods to reduce the temperature of the Raymond mill in a such hot days, welcome to leave your message on website. Or you are interested in Raymond mill maintain, welcome to your inquiry too.


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