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Difference Between Traditional Raymond Mill and New Technology Vertical Roller Mill2018-05-30

There are two kinds of trump card product in our Shanghai Clirik machinery, they are YGM Raymond Mill and CLUM vertical roller mill, both of the were sold very well in the first half of 2018. However, do you know what’s the difference between them, between the Raymond mill and vertical roller mill, in other words, what’s the difference between traditional and new. I will tell you in this page.

YGM Raymond Mill

YGM Raymond Mill

In the first half of 2018, the YGM Raymond mill was sold well in lot of countries; compare with with vertical roller mill or other stone powder grinding mills, the Raymond mill was developed more earlier. Shanghai Clirik YGM Raymond mill was improvements were made on the basis of not destroying the efficiency of the original Raymond mill. And the finish powder fineness made by YGM Raymond mill could be adjusted between 50-450 mesh, it can be used in coarse or superfine powder grinding. And compare with the CLUM vertical roller mill, the price of YGM Raymond mill will be cheaper.

CLUM Vertical Roller Mill

CLUM vertical roller mill

As the title has mention, that the CLUM vertical roller mill is a new technology stone powder making machines in the mining industry; However, it also can be used in chemical, transport and other dozens of kinds industries.

And compare with the YGM Raymond mill, the CLUM vertical roller mill can be used in more finer stone powder grinding, the minimum powder fineness made by CLUM vertical roller mill can up to 10000 mesh. (after second classify and use wet grinding method to grind the materials) But, the price of CLUM vertical roller mill is far away expensive than the YGM Raymond mill, and the service life also more longer than the YGM Raymond mill, there is a domestic customers feedback, that in his 6 years grinding, the grinding roller in CLUM vertical roller mill just be grind 3 mm.

And besides the final powder grinding ability, output and service life, there are also lots of difference between YGM Raymond mill and CLUM vertical roller mill. After this page, which of them you like better? YGM Raymond mill or CLUM vertical roller mill? Welcome to leave your inquiry on our website, our customers manager will contact you and gibe you more information about your favorite product. Thanks for your reading.


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