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Vertical roller mill vs raymond mill2018-01-15

Vertical roller mill and raymond mill are Verticla type grinding mill,used for Non-metallic minerals, such as Barite, quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, talc, apatite, gypsum, fluorite, limestone, dolomite, diatomite, ceramic soil, clay, marble, granite, fly ash, kaolin, calcium carbonate, slag, bauxite, glass, etc.,making them into powder。And there are several differences between them:
Type of Vertical roller mill is CLUM,is a new type of grinding equipment, its final product size is 300-3000mesh; Raymond mill is a common grinding machine used for produce 80-325mesh mineral powder. And, their advantages is different:

Advantages of Ultrafine Vertical Mill(Upgrade product of HGM Micro powder mill):

Vertical roller mill and raymond mill

1.High grinding efficiency: save 20~30% power consumption compared with the ball mill.
2.Strong drying capacity: dry and grind raw materials with moisture content as much as 15%.
3. Mutifunction: crushing, drying, grinding, separating and conveying.
4. Low noises and little dust: no direct contact between the grinding rollers and grinding disc, so metallic impact is avoided and its noises is 20~25 decibels lower. Totally closed negative pressure operation has employed by this vertical grinding mill, so there is little dust during the operation.
5. Low wear rate and little metallic pollution: its metal wear is only 5~10g/t.

Benefit of Raymond Roller mill

Vertical roller mill and raymond mill

1.Ertical structure, so it has small footprint, strong system. 
2.Compared with other mills, Raymond Mill has high passing rate - 99%.
3.Adjustable particle size:80-325mesh
4.The main drive device of Raymond mill adopts airtight gear box and belt pulley, the transmission is stable and the operation is reliable.
5.Important components are made of high quality castings and profiles, ensuring the durability of the whole equipment.
6.The centralized control is used in the electric system, the mill can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient.

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