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Difference Between the Raymond Mill and High Pressure Grinding Mill2017-05-31

Raymond mill

There are many people said that the Raymond mill is same as high pressure grinding mill. Maybe there is really have many similarity ion them. However, there are also some difference between them.

Raymond mill is actually the earliest mining equipment, and high pressure grinding mill is improved on the basis of Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill can be said is Raymond mill upgrade. But it does not lie in the two main feed size, the material above the size, product yields.

1. In the feed size: The original Raymond mill feed smaller and more stable yields, higher processing efficiency, high pressure mill feed size ratio Raymond grinding mill of bigger scope.

2. The material on size: Raymond mill processing of the expected size of 30 mesh -325 mesh material particle size range, high pressure mill in the range of 80 mesh -425 mesh, finished finer sieve through higher rates.

3. The finished production: high pressure mill because of strong pressure from the high pressure of the spring, will yield higher than Raymond mill.

4. High pressure mill is used in a mature high-pressure device, not only can extend the useful life of equipment, increasing the device under the same degree of milling yield; Common Raymond grinding mill does not have this advantage.

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