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Fluorite Raymond Mill, High Efficiency and High Quality2017-05-17

Fluorite powder processing equipment and other mill production lines are roughly the same, are usually made by grinding machine, motor and fan, dust and other parts, the equipment and installation of the normal order of connection, can mill production. In fluorite powder process, we usually use Raymond mill. In the middle, the Raymond mill is mainly responsible for the grinding of materials, the fan is driven by the device finished powder flow, dust remover can effectively reduce the equipment around the dust pollution, can also recycle a portion of material resources, the electric motor is the source of the whole mill production line of power, can provide the power needed for the Raymond mill. They complement each other, mutual restraint, complete set of flour production and processing.

Raymond mill

Common fineness is 150-400 mesh fluorite powder, the size of the request of our fluorite Raymond mill can reach, but also consider the fineness, production problems, which need to pay attention to in the choice of whether to meet the production of mill type, the best in the purchase before the consultation of information technology personnel deep, they will give some guidance so, can not appear in the wrong selection when the choice of types of problems.

Our company is a professional Raymond mill manufacturer, there are professional technical staff, you can always help, and if necessary, you can also go to the scene inspection, eliminate all problems in production.


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