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Raymond Mill and Ball Mill, Which Machine is More Efficiency?2017-05-10

Besides Raymond mill, there also have ball mill, both of them are the common mining equipment in the mining industry. As a professional manufacturer of Raymond mill and ball mill. Today, Clirik will tell you which machine is more efficient?

Raymond mill is one of traditional mining equipment. So whether, it is technically or in the degree of perfection. Raymond mill has unparalleled advantages. Shanghai Clirik processes Raymond mill more than 20 years. Maximum output of our Raymond mill could be up to 20 t/h. The finish powder fineness could be adjusted between 50 mesh to 425 mesh. So if you want to process coarse or fine powder, you can choose Raymond mill in your business.

Raymond mill

As we all know, ball mill always covers a large area, so there are more advantages in the output. Generally speaking, the production of ball mill can achieve 200 t/h, even more. Of course, a large number of steel balls are placed inside the ball mill. After repeated grinding steel ball, the uniformity of the product will be better. Therefore, ball mill is also favored by many users.

ball mill

In different demand you will choose different equipment, not only Raymond mill, but also ball mill will play a very important role in some fields where they are good at. So both of them are high efficiency. Are you interested in Raymond mill or ball mill? If you are, please contact us.


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