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Raymond Mill and High Pressure Grinding Mill2017-04-19

For mineral powder processing of the grinding equipment at least dozens of species, not to mention the mining industry is booming. The new mill will be more and more, more and more rational. Shanghai Clirik machinery as a representative of China's grinding machine manufacturers. The production of Raymond mill equipment is the most representative.

Among the most widely used grinding equipment, there are two kinds of equipment: new Raymond mill and high pressure roller mill. After improvement, the model is general Raymond mill processing materials with higher purity, silty fine; energy saving, compared with the traditional milling equipment, Raymond machine model can reduce the energy consumption in the process of using, achieve energy saving effect; long service life, the new ray mill grinding roller and grinding ring using special materials forging, thus greatly improve the durability.

Raymond mill

High pressure roller mill is also a kind of Raymond mill, the model uses a bevel gear transmission, the internal thin oil lubrication system, arc, and so on a number of new patented technology. The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, convenient operation and low energy consumption. The utility model has the advantages of adjustable and controllable grain size and wide application of the grinding material, and is equipped with a special dust collector.

New type of Raymond mill has a large and small three types of equipment, and high pressure suspension grinding mill for large mills, so Raymond mill in grinding process for small and medium machine is more suitable, and the company in the milling process in large scale will be based on customer demand for the right configuration.


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