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How to Improve the Powder Fineness of Vertical Mill2017-03-30

There are five methods could improve the powder fineness of the vertical mill.

1. Feed quantity

In order to realize the continuous automatic production, the continuous feeding of the vertical mill needs to ensure uniform and continuous feeding, so as to avoid the material entering into the crushing chamber of the vertical mill. The material supply is less easy to wear grinding roller and grinding ring, causing equipment useless duplication of production materials; excessive supply will give the machine a burden, the material is not fully by grinding and grinding ring rolling machine, increasing energy consumption. Therefore, in the use of a vertical mill, should be equipped with a vibration feeder at the feeding machine, such as uniform feeding equipment.

2. Raw material hardness material

The hardness of different materials is different. The fixed factor determines the material in the production of a vertical mill to be reasonable configuration. In the case of the same material requirements, the uniform size, the shape of the material is relatively uniform ratio, concentrated feed to the crushing chamber for milling. If the mixture is milled, the production is not stable, which is easy to cause the heterogeneity of the material, the different properties of the finished powder and raw material.

3. Particle size

Different materials can deal with the particle size is also different, so we should know how much material can be broken minimum, cannot blindly ignore the nature of the material to meet the requirements of milling. This will cause damage to the internal components of the vertical mill, the consumption of wearing parts is large, the replacement period is short, and the material fineness is not guaranteed.

vertical mill

4. Screening equipment selection

In the process of collection, the vertical mill need to be screened by the screening device, which will not meet the requirements of the fineness of the two milling process. Screen surface according to customer needs, such as metal mesh, plate mesh, punching and other types, can be used in a single layer can also be arranged to achieve effective screening, improve the fineness of milling, to ensure uniform fineness of finished products.

5. Vertical mill efficiency

All the optimal allocation in all possible factors, the vertical mill efficiency reaches the maximum, improve the material treatment, so that the material in the grinding and grinding ring by crushing and grinding fully, speeding up the production efficiency. In the specific operation process, the vertical mill can be used in combination with other crushing equipment to form a production line of water production, to maximize production and efficiency.


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