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Abnormal Processing of Magnesium Oxide Ball Mill2017-01-05

Classification of Ball Mill

Ball mill is one of the high-fine grinding machineries which are widely used in industrial powder production, it has many types, such as tubular ball mill, rod mill, cement mill, ultra-fine laminated mill, hand ball mill, horizontal ball mill, bearing ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, overflow type ball mill, ceramic ball mill, lattice ball mill. Ball mill is applicable to grinding a variety of minerals and other materials, are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, can be divided into dry and wet grinding two ways. According to different ways of discharge, it's devided into sub-lattice-type and overflow type; according to the cylinder shape it can be divided into short tube ball mill, long tube ball mill, tube mill and conical mill; according to the different grinding media, the ball mill can be divided into steel ball ball mill, ceramic ball mill (magnesium oxide ball mill).

Magnesium oxide ball mill

Abnormal Treatment of Magnesium Oxide Ball Mill

Magnesium oxide ball mill is a very common type of ball mill, there are often some unexpected situations in the process of it, so here we give some solutions:

1.in operation of ball mill, if it appears that ball mill cover screw loose and leakage of slurry, it should be immediately stoped, reinforce the screws of ball mill cap, and rebegin it. This is to prevent the ball mill cover, screw loose and fly out of wounding, as well as mud, ball stone spray wounding. 

2.If the electric hoist wire rope stuck, you must immediately stop it, hang safety warning card on the electric control cabinet, and repair ball mill before operation.

3.If the ball mill tilt, "Wipe Wall": Check the bearings and large bearing seat level after shutdown, if necessary, to replace and adjust the bearing.

4.Oil in Fluid Coupler sprays:  immediate shutdown, please repair your ball mill. The safety hole must be filled with a fusible alloy and no other metal is allowed.


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