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Fly Ash Powder Grinding Mill2020-09-17

fly ash.jpgFly ash is fine ash collected from the flue gas after coal combustion. Fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. With the development of the electric power industry, the discharge of fly ash from coal-fired power plants has increased year by year, making it one of the largest industrial waste residues in my country. If a large amount of fly ash is not treated, it will generate dust and pollute the atmosphere; if it is discharged into the water system, it will cause river blockage, and the toxic chemicals in it will also cause harm to humans and organisms. But fly ash can be used as a resource, for example, as an admixture for concrete, which can enhance the use value of fly ash.

working principle of fly ash powder grinding mill

The material is fed through the vibrating feeder and transported to the raw material control bin through the belt conveyor. The main machine feeding conveyor sends the material to the main machine quantitatively, and the main machine's material equalization system evenly distributes the material to the grinding rollers for grinding and full grinding. The ground material enters the grading coarse powder elevator through the lower end of the main engine and is transported to the upper powder storage hopper of the grading machine. The material enters the grading chamber evenly along the circumference through the powder spinning pan and the equalizing pipe groove. It is decomposed into dust under the action of the powder collision system. The qualified powder enters the cyclone dust collector through the classifier and is collected as a finished product. The remaining qualified powder is collected by the pulse dust collector, and the unqualified powder is passed through the lower tube of the classifier. The road enters the return material hoist again to participate in the new cycle milling.

fly ash powder grinding mill


Product advantages of fly ash powder grinding mill

1. High grinding efficiency and good benefit: fly ash raw materials are small in particle size and light in specific gravity. It is easy to suspend during the grinding process of traditional equipment. However, this machine adopts an external classification system, and there is no strong air flow inside the host, so the material is not easy to suspend, and the grinding efficiency Very high, the inclined grinding roller effectively increases the grinding force and grinding probability, thereby greatly improving the processing efficiency of the mill, and bringing great benefits to the powder production enterprise.

2. Large output of single machine: Under the same power condition, the production capacity of single machine is greatly improved, and the output is 30%-40% higher than other grinding equipment.

3. Uniform feeding and high feeding efficiency: The waterfall feeding method is adopted, combined with the blade feeding to form a double feeding milling material, which realizes uniform feeding and greatly improves feeding efficiency.

4. Small equipment wear and long service life: The equipment is evenly supplied with materials, which greatly reduces the wear and tear between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, prolongs the service life, and reduces the replacement cost of wearing parts.

5. Independent pressurization system: The adjustable independent pressurization system is adopted, and the required grinding pressure can be adjusted according to the nature and particle size of the product.

6. Environmental protection: The equipment has low vibration and low noise; adopts pulse dust removal system, high dust removal efficiency, and meets environmental protection emission standards.







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