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How to Choose High Pressure Suspension Roller Mills2020-07-21

 When purchasing heavy calcium carbonate high-pressure suspension roller mills, because different models of heavy calcium carbonate high-pressure suspension roller mills have different performances, the realized functions and characteristics are also different, and the fineness of the finished materials It is also different, so the price of the equipment is also different. According to the manufacturer's strength, equipment technology and materials of heavy calcium carbonate high-pressure suspension roller mills, the price of equipment on the market is different.

High Pressure Suspension Roller Mills

We know that the quantity produced by each Raymond mill is not fixed. In the process of grinding heavy calcium carbonate, it is affected by many factors, and its production capacity will be different. Because of the hardness of heavy calcium carbonate There will be certain differences. The harder the texture is, the more difficult it is to grind the Raymond mill, and the output will be lower. It will also cause certain damage to the equipment, affect production efficiency, and cause a decrease in output. If the user requires the finer the particle size of the finished heavy calcium carbonate to be ground, the grinding time of the mill will be longer, the grinding efficiency will be low, and the output may be lower.

Due to the development of the main application industries of heavy calcium carbonate in recent years, the market's requirements for heavy calcium carbonate have changed. For example, the supply of ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate for paper coatings has been changed from dry powder supply to high solid content slurry Supply-oriented, plastic, paper, coatings and other industries have also increased the requirements for the particle size distribution of ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate; the whiteness of the product is high and the quality is stable; the users of heavy calcium carbonate & the expansion of scale, the The demand has also increased.

The production of heavy calcium powder is mainly divided into three steps: heavy calcium carbonate crushing, grinding, and weathering. The specific crushing process is: jaw crusher crushing, impact crusher or hydraulic cone crusher for further crushing, and then entering the mill The powder machine grinds, and then the analyzer performs powder selection and powder collection processing. The production process is also mainly divided into two kinds of dry production and wet production. The crushing steps are basically the same. The main difference is whether it is crushed in the form of suspension and then dehydrated and dried.


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