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Uganda Calcium Carbonate Grinding Production Line


Uganda Calcium Carbonate HGM Series Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Mill Model:HGM 125L

Materiel:Calcium Carbonate

Output per hour:2.5~20 t/h

Fineness of finished powder:325~3000 mesh

In March, several sets of HGM125L ultra-fine grinding machines developed by Shanghai Cleerick Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully shipped to Uganda, Africa.

Clirik’s engineering team is completing the installation and commissioning in an orderly manner and will soon start production.

Customer Site Inspection and Evaluation

In 2022, Uganda mining group through the domestic group’s international trade subsidiary to learn about Shanghai Klierick Machinery Co., LTD., a lot of advance preparation and investigation, and in August of the same year by the head of the group: General Manager Sun and Manager Zhang visited Shanghai Klierick Machinery Co., LTD., put forward the need to add high-end powder product line.

Through the on-site communication with the technical team, after visiting the showroom, comparing the similar products of many similar mill manufacturers, combined with the on-site test report issued by the on-site test experience with their own samples, the following advantages of our products are recognized.

1.The fineness of the finished powder is high, the content of 2 microns is controllable, and the particle shape of the powder is good.

2.electronic numerical control operation mode, intelligent, security greatly improved.

3.Low vibration and low noise during operation.

4.no dust spill situation.

Eventually, he chose to form a partnership with Clirik.

Cooperative Project

This project intends to use mine waste materials to produce 325 tons of calcium carbonate powder for the production of putty powder and 325-1250 tons of ultrafine powder to open up new business in Africa.

Clirik’s team of professional engineers takes into account the resources of its mining area of more than 33 square kilometers; Previously mainly in the mining of natural marble, granite blocks, combined with local construction conditions, infrastructure construction conditions, working conditions permit resources for personalized selection and deployment, and finally in our product line selected the most suitable for 150-2500 mesh production fineness requirements of HGM superfine mill series. And in 80, 90L, 100L-Ⅱ, 100P, 125L, 1680L five models, after repeated research, the adjustment is selected: can produce 2.5-20 tons of HGM125L superfine mill.

When the customer visited, he was highly recognized by the professionalism of the Clirik engineering team, the perspectivity and professional attitude of the sales team, and expressed a good prospect for future cooperation:”If the HGM125L ultrafine mill works well, the market prospect is very impressive, and it can play a demonstration effect in the local area.”

After-sales Guarantee

Construction site

After the successful delivery of the equipment, in order to ensure that it can be put into normal operation and use, Clirik service supports a complete set of after-sales technical team to ensure the user experience of the whole process of equipment sales. This includes a full-time technical engineer on call, responsible for direct contact with the english service team in need.

Clirik is a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment, the production of machinery and equipment in the world are very popular, if you are interested in our equipment, please contact us through the contact information on the page, we also have professional engineering and technical personnel for you to customize machinery and equipment, to meet your requirements, to create suitable for your use of equipment, welcome your call!

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