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Shanghai Clirik Vertical Grinding Mill Popular in Thermal Power Industry2016-08-11

Shanghai Clirik Machinery 30 years focuses on the manufacture of grinding mill machines, from 1987 the first generation of R-type Raymond mill until 1994 the second generation of YGM high pressure suspension grinding mill, to the vertical grinding mill. Shanghai Clirik initiative with another one, to defend its grinding mill industry leadership position and provide equipment and technical support for the growing number of projects.


With the "history of the most serious," the introduction of new environmental laws, coupled with the recent haze hot, after the two sessions, the iron-fisted control desulphurization, dust emissions and other environmental problems is bound to put on the agenda, in the face of continued overweight policy, the thermal power industry How to respond? For the thermal power industry, energy conservation assessment project are the "four-row": sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, smoke and water. And for which sulfur dioxide gas desulfurization project, Shanghai Clirik Machinery provides professional integrated solutions.


Currently the most widely used and most technologically sophisticated method of desulfurization limestone - gypsum wet desulphurization process, in this process, desulfurizer mostly limestone powder, quality limestone powder, fineness and particle size distribution is a key factor affecting the effect of desulfurization Therefore choosing the right technology and equipment for preparing limestone desulfurization process is critical to the whole.


vertical grinding mill upgrades enhanced version after nearly three decades of precipitation technology, integrate the grinding of different materials and design experience, it is Shanghai Clirik developed the fourth generation of mill products, on the basis of domestic Raymond mill  on the absorption of European Latest mill concept, with great concentration developed an international leader in technology, with a number of independent patent technology, the latest grinding equipment. On the market, Vertical grinding mill becomes the best products, large-scale construction equipment of choice for mineral, and is increasingly much favored by environmental desulfurization project, technology and equipment to provide reliable protection for thermal power plants, steel mills and energy saving.


vertical grinding mill as an energy efficient equipment, its technical features is a stand-alone production capacity, easy-to-scale production, lower unit product energy consumption, easy maintenance; vertical structure, small footprint, complete and strong. European version of the mill system for the closed-circuit system, a product fineness D97 = 80-400 mesh (200-38μm), stand-alone production capacity in accordance with different models 3-100t / h.


For thermal power plant desulfurization milling system, Shanghai Clirik not only provide our clients with a wide selectivity, supporting reasonable, reliable, cost-effective industrial milling equipment, but also the portrait of one-stop total solution, from pre-test to post material, the installation, commissioning and acceptance, Shanghai Clirik professional engineer team for your escort.

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