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How to Adjust Raymond Mill Feeding Volume and Finished Powder Fineness2021-01-21

Raymond mill is a kind of commonly used pulverizing equipment, which adopts vertical structure, has the advantages of small floor area, and the mesh number can be adjusted at will. It is deeply loved by the majority of users. We all know that Raymond mill needs uniform and stable feeding during operation, but the feeding quantity of different materials is also the same. So how to adjust the feeding rate of Raymond mill? How to adjust the size of the finished product? Here is a brief introduction.

Feed Volume Regulation of Raymond Mill

Generally speaking, the feeding of Raymond mill is debugged by the manufacturer during the installation. If it needs to be changed later, in fact, the feeding debugging is relatively simple. When the Raymond mill is started, the classifier, fan and then the main machine are turned on. After the normal operation, the feed particle size should be uniform. When we adjust the feed volume, we need to pay attention to the sound of Raymond mill. If the sound is too loud, it means that the main engine is idling and the feed is too little. If the sound of Raymond mill is very low, you need to pay attention to observe the ammeter of the host. If the current display is too large, it means that there is too much charging and you need to reduce the charging. If the current is normal, it means that the appropriate feeding amount has been reached.

How to Adjust Raymond Mill Finished Powder Fineness

The fineness regulation principle of Raymond mill: the high-speed rotation of the classifier will produce a certain centrifugal force, and the blower above the classifier will produce a centripetal force. When the centripetal force is greater than the centrifugal force, the fine powder can smoothly pass through the classifier blades and be collected as finished products. When the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, it can not pass through, and it will fall back to the main engine to continue grinding. The specific regulation methods are as follows:


1. Adjust the Raymond mill air volume


The fineness of Raymond mill is related to many factors, among which the air volume directly affects the fineness of finished materials. Therefore, in order to ensure that the fineness can meet the requirements of users, it is very important to adjust the air volume. So how to correctly adjust the air volume of Raymond machine? When adjusting the air volume, generally speaking, it should be opened to a larger position first, and then the user can make appropriate adjustment according to the requirements of fineness and output. The smaller the air volume is, the higher the fineness of the finished product will be. Otherwise, the fineness will be lower, which needs to be adjusted according to the use of users.


2. Adjust the Raymond mill speed


The adjustment of fineness also needs to be adjusted according to the specific gravity, water content, size and hardness of materials. Generally speaking, the processing fineness of different materials is different. At this time, we can adjust the speed of the analyzer. The lower the speed is, the smaller the fineness will be. The higher the speed is, the higher the fineness will be. If the fineness is increased, the corresponding output will be reduced. When the fineness requirement is higher, the fineness can be adjusted by adjusting the fan speed.

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