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How to Choose Lubricant for Raymond Mill2020-10-20

Raymond mill are used in various industries and are widely used. If you want to keep the Raymond pulverizers working for a long time, you must take care of the equipment, and the maintenance of lubricating oil is very important.

Raymond mill


Raymond mill lubricants have a wide range of different types, and their functions and effects are also very different. Specifically include the following:

1. Solid lubricants: such as graphite, platinum disulfide, nylon, etc.


2. Liquid lubricants: extremely versatile, including mineral lubricants, animal and vegetable lubricants, synthetic lubricants, etc.


3. Gas lubricant: any gas can be used as a gas lubricant, air is commonly used, followed by oxygen, carbon, etc.; it is mainly used for the lubrication of gas bearings.


4. Semi-solid lubricants: It has a wide range of uses, mainly including soap-based grease, hydroxyl grease, inorganic grease and organic grease.


What kind of lubricant used in the Raymond mill must be tested and analyzed, and the replacement must be regular. Don't forget to add it after a long interval, otherwise it will easily cause the Raymond mill to wear.











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