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N220, N330, N660 Carbon Black, Carbon Black Raymond Mill2019-08-20

N220: can be used in almost all kinds of rubber, the wear resistance of N220 is about 10%-20% higher than N330, the N220 carbon black always has a strong ability tensile and tear strength, and it’s full of conductivity. It is mainly used for tread compound of heavy-duty tire and passenger tire, and rubber products with high strength and wear resistance.

N330: it’s one of strength carbon black, it’s mainly used for tire tread, cord compound, tire side and various rubber industrial products.

N660: the N660 carbon black has higher structure, finer particles, easy to disperse in the compound, higher tensile strength, tear strength and elongation stress of vulcanizate, smaller deformation, low heat generation, good elasticity and flexural resistance. Mainly used for tire cord, inner tube, bicycle, rubber hose, tape, cable, footwear and calendering products, model products and so on.

Process carbon black powder, Raymond mill will be one of most useful grinding machines. There is a very high efficiency Raymond mill machine named YGM carbon black Raymond mill, the carbon black Raymond mill can be used in more than including carbon black and other more than 200 kinds of minerals powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, mica, kaolin, clay and so on. The powder fineness made by carbon black Raymond mill can adjusted between 50-450 mesh, and according to your powder fineness process, the finial capacity can be controlled in the range of 1-20 t/h.

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