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Processing Fly Ash Choose Raymond Mill or Ultrafine Mill?2017-10-26

We Clirik Machinery now analyzes the problems encountered by customers about Fly Ash grinding. Many customers will encounter such a problem, what kind of machine in the end for their own use? Today, we will explain the distance between Raymond mill and micro powder mill which is better for everyone.

Raymond Mill

Fly ash is a fine ash captured from the flue gas after coal combustion, and fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. Fly ash is one of the industrial waste residue with large displacement in our country. With the development of power industry, the amount of fly ash discharged from coal-fired power plants increases year by year. A large amount of fly ash not treated, will produce the dust and air pollution; if into the water system will cause the blockage of river, and one of the toxic chemicals will cause harm to human and biological. In addition, fly ash can be used as concrete admixture. With the best flour mill equipment, fly ash can be reused, so as not to destroy the environment. So, is the fly ash mill good for grinding superfine powder or high-pressure Raymond mill? Ultrafine grinding and high-pressure Raymond mill respectively is product fineness and yield, the super fine grinding product fineness can reach 200-2500, the yield of about 12 tons per hour, while the fine high-pressure Raymond mill can only reach 450, but the yield can reach 20 tons per hour compared with left and right, see the individual needs. So the difference between ultra-fine flour mill and high pressure roller mill performance, then how to choose processing fly ash? The general situation of fly ash processing to 325 more, but yield demand better then you can choose the high-pressure Raymond mill, and HGM125 ultrafine powder we Shanghai Keli model can reach the maximum Rick mill 18 tons per hour, if the requirements of high fineness can be selected superfine grinding, the yield will not differ too big.
Of course, in the process of selection we may need to consider other problems, we can directly select customer service of shanghai clirik, they will take the initiative to give you the answers for your problems, or call our hotline 021-20236177 we will be eager to serve you.

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